Data security

Data Security is grated with the help of blockchain in our applications

Lifecycle tracking

Data stored by the blockchain n cannot be deleted, therefore a full lifecycle of a product can be tracked

Innovative startup

As a startup, founded in 2022, we strive to use the most innovative technologies, such as blockchain.

customer orientation

Our main goal is to create customized applications, which can satisfy our customers every need.

About us

Advanced Blockchain Development ltd. is a software developing startup founded in 2022, with a focus on the most innovative technologies, with blockchain in the center.

In the center of our software development are mobile and web applications which use blockchain as a back-end. The potential use-cases of these applications could be just as diverse as use-cases of traditional applications. Among our potential clients one could find small to medium businesses along with multinational companies.

István Takács 

I have encountered blockchain first during my studies at Budapest University of Technologies, where I graduated as an electric engineer. I became curious, what this article could be used beyond the world of crypto currencies. In my thesis I developed an application which could store unique DNA sequences on the blockchain, which could identify any person. This way creating a blockchain based digital passport, that can’t be lost.

During my masters at Budapest Corvinus University, where I graduated in Business informatics, I wrote my Outstanding Student Paper on the possible use-cases of blockchain technology. My consultant was Dr.Trinh Anh Tuan, the leader of Corvinus Fintech Center.

Following this, I worked in Germany at TUI Blockchain Research Lab, where I researched technologies that can provide blockchain a higher transaction per second rate. As part of my work, I developed an application, which can do just that. My articles about the topic can be found below.

My startup strives to make blockchain understandable and easily accessible to everyone.