Our applications include mobile (Android/IOS) and web applications as well. The specialty of these applications come from the fact that they use blockchain technology as backend. This. of course, doesn’t rule out using traditional methods and databases, when they are needed.

Demo Application

This demo application is an MVP (Minimal Viable Product), meaning only the main functionalities are jet developed. Any other functionalities or design could be added by the customer, so it will meet her requirements.

The application presented here will have a simple goal.

This goal for the application is to be able to read and write data from the blockchain. With these functions the application van prove originality, store medical records, certify documents or to track shipment.

During the presentation, the application will prove the originality of products.

Data written to the blockchain should be encrypted, because everyone can read them.
Writing on the other hand is permission based. Anyone can read the uploaded data from the blockchain, but only certain people will have permission to write them.

Now, lets see the application itself:

The demo application is capable of proving the originality of wines as well. Multiple studies have reached the conclusion that approximetly 20% of all bottles on the global wine market are counterfeit. This could lead to some very unplesent experiences. Either by buying a fine wine, only to find out during diner that it is undrinkable or when buying a highly expensive wine that could cost thousads of Euros and finding out we are victims of fraud.
This problem can easily be avoided with the help of blockchain. In this video I would like to present the steps with which the demo application can prevent this fraud.

This demo application was designed to read and write data, but there is an abundance of other possible use cases. This could mean among other examples, an application that can provide anonym voting or an application that could prove our identification as a blockchain based digital passport.
If you have any questions or ideas on what to create with blockchain, feel free to contact us at info@abcde.hu or at +36204439933.